Urgent Orphanage Expansion

Due to a huge demand of impoverished children who need a place to live, there is an urgent request to expand the orphanage by creating a second floor with additional bedrooms. New children arrive at the orphanage every day. In spite of the lack of space, no child in need is ever turned away!

The dormitory expasion will allow for a second  floor to be built with two additional bedrooms for girls since they are the population in most need of housing. This addition will take care of the current overflow of children and allow Sister Domingas to take in new children as needed.


22 boys and 32 girls currently live in the orphanage. There is only one bedroom for girls and one bedroom for boys to accommodate all the children. Each bedroom is filled with beds from wall to wall. The girls bedroom is specially cramped and hot.

Even though the bedrooms are completely filled with beds, there are not enough beds to accommodate all the children who live in the orphanage.  Six of the girls currently have to sleep two in a bed.


Currently, over 30 girls share one bathroom with one shower, two toilets, and two sinks which creates long bathroom lines. The same situation is true for the boys’bathrrom. With the second floor expansion, another bathroom for girls and one for boys will be built.

Clothes storage

There is currently a cubby area where the girls can keep their clothes and belongings. With the second floor expansion, a similar closet area will be created for the boys so they can to store their clean clothes and belongings as well.

Laundry area

The orphanage currently does not have a designated area to handle all of the laundry needs due to lack of space. Soiled clothes and linens are piled up in the corners of the yard until they can be washed. Without an area for washing and drying clothes, clotheslines are strung accross the yard where the children play creating an impratical and hazardous environment. The creation of the second floor would allow for a laundry facility to be added to the dormitory, freeing up the yard for the children to play.

The creation of the second floor will immensely improve the lives of the children and the living conditions of the orphanage:

  • New bedrooms for overflow and additional poverty-stricken children
  • No need to share beds
  • No long bathroom lines
  • Claim the yard back as a playing area free from laundry piles and lines

The dormitory expansion will build a second floor for the dormitory with the following:
  • 2 more bedrooms for girls (boys move to another location when then turn 14 years)
  • 1 bathroom for girls (10 toilets and 10 showers)
  • 1 bathroom for boys (3 toilets and 3 showers)
  • 1 bedroom for helpers
  • Closet area for boys
  • Laundry area for washing and drying clothes

Your donation towards this much needed project is greatly appreciated.

For donations, please contact us or donate through PayPal.