Children’s House Budget
and Immediate Needs

School of Hope Budget              

Employees’ Payroll:

Daily, 114 children from 4 to 16 years old are served at the Children's House. 54 of these children live and study at the Children's House and 60 come only for the day. To take care of the children, additional staff is needed:

  • 3 teachers
  • 3 school safety guards
  • 1 coordinator
  • 1 supervisor
  • 2 people responsible for laundry
  • 2 cooks
  • 1 inventory clerk/assistant

Assistants To keep the school functioning, we estimate USD $7,760.00 monthly to cover the employees salary (USD $93,120.00 per year).


In Angola, everything is very expensive. In fact, unbelievably, Luanda, has been listed as the world’s most expensive city for several years running. In order to feed the 93 children, we require USD $50.00 per child per month (USD $4,650.00/month for the 93 kids) for basic meals. These meals do not provide the children with adequate nutrition, rather they serve to only alleviate the hunger which is all that they can hope for right now. The children who stay with us receive 4 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner). While the children who spend the day with us receive breakfast, lunch and a substantial snack in the afternoon.

Medical assistance:

Despite the great work done by ESSO in this regard, we are not able to end malaria, because the school is surrounded by landfills, which attract malaria-infested mosquitos. At the moment, the “Casa da Criança” provides care for ponds of water which accelerate the proliferation of malaria-carrying mosquitos. Each month, on average, we have 10 to 20 children who need medical assistance, requiring transport to the hospital. In Angola, medical assistance and transportation are very costly.

School materials:

Each child needs the basic school material (notebooks, books, uniforms, pencil, pen, eraser etc). We take care of children from preschool all the way to secondary school. We spend USD $200.00 with materials for the kids on primary school (82 kids) and USD $400.00 with the kids at the secondary school (11 kids) - USD $12,446.00 per year for the 93 kids.

Generator Maintenance:

Due to our location’s inadequate electricity power/strength, the generator serves as an appropriate backup to ensure that the kids will have proper lighting with minimal interruptions in service. The Cost is USD $415.00 monthly for maintenance and fuel.


Since the school doesn’t have a car to take the children to the hospital when needed or to the school (for the kids going to secondary school), teachers and students have to take a taxi, which costs USD $1.00 each way per person.


We also have monthly tuition fees, which vary from USD $20.00 to USD $30.00 for the kids at the primary school and USD $40.00 to USD $50.00 for the kids at the secondary school.


Though not frequent, we still need to purchase gas. We also have to pay electricity and buy water (from EPAL**- Empresa Pública de Aguas de Luanda or public water (when is available)). **“The water production and distribution system in Luanda is managed by EPAL (Empresa Pública de Aguas de Luanda), which currently operates under a cost-recovery system. System I (built in 1953) and System II (built in 1971/81) obtain water from the Bengo River, and System III (built in 1998–2000) and Kikuxi (1985) get water from the Cuanza River.” ( =17)

These are all urgent needs for the kids. We have a more detailed financial report, but we indicate these costs as our most urgent issues. We are not asking for everything, but every little bit you give is of huge help.