Four Wheel Drive Vehicle

For many years now, thanks to the ongoing generosity of our many benefactors, we have been successful at improving the well being of the many children in our care. We are sincerely grateful to everyone for your help in enriching the lives of our children and making their futures happier.

Due to your generous donations, we were able to acquire 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle to transport the children to and from hospital, to do shopping, etc.  Due to the location of the orphanage, and the difficult access during the rains, a 4-wheel drive vehicle was a must.

We presently have 54 children housed full time at the Children’s House (Casa de Crianca), and transporting those who are ill to and from hospital was a major problem due to the distance and the poor condition of the road we must travel. To date 23 accidents had occurred before we were able to purchase a vehicle for the Children's House. In one of these accidents, a young girl from our home was badly injured. She was returning from the hospital after collecting the results of various tests she had undergone.

The vehicle will make possible:

  • Educational field trips, such as museums and parks (there are in the vicinity of the orphanage)
  • Collection of donations, including fresh meals from a restaurant in the city
  • Bring additional volunteers to work with the children, who may not have a vehicle or a driver to reach the orphanage

Below are some pictures of the 13-seater Land Cruiser we purchased for the Children's House with your support and a video of the car's arrival.

Orphanage Car
Orphanage Car
Orphanage Car

Orphanage Car

We are extremelly grateful for your ongoing generosity.

For donations, please use the link below or contact us.